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Social Media Marketing Services.

We will help you achieve your marketing and brand goals across social media. Whether you are looking to gain new business from social media platforms or manage your relationship to your audience we can make it happen.

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Content Promotion

Content Promotion

We provide valuable and relevant content to potential customers to establish your expertise, authority and trust.

This requires great content as a starting point which can be delivered to a target audience.

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Brand Management

Brand Management.

We manage your brand online to provide an additional channel of communication for your customers which is immediate and effective.

We can take the strain off your phone and email channels by handling more customers up front and benefiting multiple people at once.

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Opportunity Marketing

Opportunity Marketing.

We get involved at the earliest possible stage of the buying cycle for your customers, to naturally guide customers to your product/service.

We set up effective methods of identifying opportunities on Social Media to join the conversation where it may lead to conversions.

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Paid Social Advertising

Paid Advertising

We are experts in paid search across all channels, we will find the strategy that best connects your offering to your audience.

We will handle all aspects of your campaign, from idea generation, to setting up & delivering the campaigns, and controlling ad spend.

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Influencer Sourcing

We manage the search for the right influencer for you, we will negotiate fees and additionally provide all the creative work required to get your promotion off the ground.

Your brand will be seen by a highly relevant audience and delivered by a trusted source in their own unique style for maximum effectiveness and appreciation.

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social media marketing is a fast-growing industry. It may be difficult to keep track of all the new developments as they happen.

We put together this list of commonly asked questions in order to help you get started.

What does SMM mean

Social Media Marketing.

Does SMM increase sales?

Promoting your brand through SMM is great for for highly-targeted ads, and can be used to get a fantastic ROI.

Does SMM work in the B2B Market place

This will depend on the social media platform you use, however SMM for B2B is great on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How do you measure SMM performance?

SMM success can be measured in several ways. Fans and followers can determine reach, and analytics tracking can determine if a post ended up in a sale or not.

Do I need a blog for SMM?

It's not necessary, but it's one of the most popular ways to make posts online- just link to a recently published blog. This is also great for SEO.

What are some common mistakes people make in SMM?

Inconsistency in posting, and neglecting to respond to customers who reach out and engage.

What social media platform should I use for my business?

This will depend on who your target audience is, and which social media platforms they normally use.

How do you respond to negative comments?

Often, these can be used to generate useful insights about your business. Very rarely will people leave negative comments just for attention. Listen and respond politely.

Is SMM better for B2B or B2C businesses?

It's important to both, however the way SMM is done will differ. Overall, B2C businesses will share humorous content and B2B businesses will share valuable content.

What's the biggest mistake a brands make when doing SMM?

Not understanding what their users want.

Social Media Golden Rules.


Well not exactly, remember to have fun & be creative. Social Media is where your customers are spending primarily their leisure time so relax your tone as appropriate and become a part of the conversation to be in a better position to influence.


Connect With Customers Earlier In The Buying Process.

Social Media lets you connect more personally than other mediums.

Be Involved At The Start.

Connect with customers much earlier in their buying cycle and provide a great service/product so they can skip the research stage.

Demonstrate Expertise.

Social Media is an opportunity to go out and demonstrate how your product/service can genuinely help.

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Make Your Brand More Accessible To Your Customers.

Use Social Media as a platform for greater communication.

Additional Contact Method.

Your Social is an additional point of contact that your customers can reach you on for informal and immediate communication.

Customer Support On Stage.

Exceptional customer service becomes public and allows other potential customers to be enticed by what service they will receive.

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