Our Focus

What We Do.

Royal Wares is a full digital solution for clients, we handle all aspects of online presence and strategy.

We split our offering into 3 key parts that fit together: IT, Development & Marketing.

Our IT is the foundation that you can depend on. With a solid IT foundation we can create ambitious Development projects that we know will be fully supported. With a reliable product we can market confidently to deliver results for you.

We are experts in ensuring harmony across all 3 areas to make one cohesive experience.

Technical Experts

IT Services.

We build a technical foundation that you can depend on and grow with.

We take care of the initial IT set up concerns, this is the physical installation up of computers, laptops, networks and phones.

Online & virtual services are also fulfilled such as managing: servers, hosting and online services.

Our clients are supported by us for day to day technical issues and IT consultancy.

Our IT Services →

Experts in Software

Development Services.

We are experts in software, using proven industry best practices.

Our development focuses on creating websites and apps that effectively achieve our clients goals or visions.

We accelerate at making websites that outperform the competition, our work is aesthetically pleasing and in-line with how the modern user demands to consume their services.

We hold a very high development standard internally leading to: robust, maintainable, secure and high performing solutions for our clients.

Our Development Services →


Marketing Services.

We are data driven marketing experts delivering consistent results.

We manage the online presence for our clients to bring in new leads, nurture these through to conversions and ultimately new business.

We focus on the digital marketing streams and co-operate with other agencies or internal talent for co-ordinating campaigns across digital and traditional marketing streams in perfect harmony.

Our digital marketing covers paid search, organic search, social media, email and content marketing. The blend that we provide for each client is different and will be based on their goals as well as the most receptive streams for their business.

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Company Structure.

Royal Wares is based across two geographical locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and Portsmouth, England, UK.

We operate run a hybrid of office space and working from home.

This was based on 3 key factors:

  • Our commitment to being at the cutting edge of technology and modern working practices
  • Covid-19 accelerated all technology on the global stage in 2020 towards this model making it viable
  • Access to global talent without borders

Additionally there were many passive benefits to our approach: zero commute times for our staff, lower operational costs and greener impact on the world.

Our Story


We are founded on a bed of technical experience spanning 20 years.

We have used a range of technologies and products over the years and constantly keeping ahead.


How We Work.

We are extremely organised and pragmatic, we treat your business like our business.


We work for our client's businesses like they are our own, blending a mixture of the best solution within the right budget to maximise return on investment. We are proud to take a stance of integrity to offer only the services which are deemed appropriate to serve individual client's best interests.

While we are a full digital solution the majority of our clients have marketing managers or similar employees that we end up working with to make one composite team to best serve the business.

Market Differentiator.

We continuously focus a significant portion of our development time on our own internal systems. Through a mixture of developed Software and AI we are able to automate large parts of the development & marketing process that other agencies may not consider possible.

The result is an ability to complete work faster and without human error. This increased speed can be passed on as a cost and time saving to our clients.

This level of automation gives time back to our staff to do the highly valuable and human task of strategizing for both our own business and our clients.