Our Referrals

Get paid when you shout about us.

What we offer

Our Schemes.

Royal Wares pays you a fee when you refer a new client to us and they start a project or service.

Websites & Mobile Apps.

We offer 6% of the quote with no upper limit, i.e. on a project quote of £5,000 you would receive £300.

Marketing Services.

We offer 6% of the first 3 months service cost with no upper limit, i.e. a £1,000 per month service would be worth £3,000 in 3 months and you would receive £180.

Who can be paid


We only pay referrals to individuals that have previously worked with us or our staff.

We do not want to use our referrals as a source of new leads, this is a rewards programme aimed to show our appreciation to our clients and contacts who believe we do a great job.

When you earn


We will pay you when we receive full payment of our invoice(s).

We will pay you via a bank transfer for the full amount of the scheme.

If the quote has changed throughout the project (either higher or lower) your fee entitlement will be adjusted.



Our referral scheme is not a contract and we reserve the right to refuse payment(s) for any reason.

In practice we will only refuse payments for genuine reasons such as fraud, lack of payment or future change of ownership to the company.

We provide this disclaimer to protect against unforeseen circumstances that could harm the company image or its relationships.