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Feel confident with your website by investing in expert digital design to start converting. We create stunning websites, design with UI/UX in mind.

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  • Responsive

Branding Design.

We will either create a new site with the same branding you currently use or make subtle changes to improve retention of your brand and engagement on the site whilst keeping the style familiar to your own brand.

If you don’t have any branding currently we can work with you to create a brand package and design your logo and colour scheme alongside any additional branding materials such as business cards, leaflets, and your social media channel branding.

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Website Design

Website Design & Redesign.

We will take you through the entire process of building a website: starting with identifying your goals, creating a plan for achieving your brief, building the website with demos, the launch process and beyond.

We do not have a bias for any particular set of technology, we will use the solution that best meets your goal specifically whether that’s python web development, wordpress web design or anything else.

Designs will be bespoke to you, and created in line with your visions whether minimalist or fuller.

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UX/UI Optimisation.

We will develop additional features for your website to provide a new experience or improve an existing one.

Your website requirements will change over time and we can keep your website moving forward with you, ensuring it is responsive and fit for your needs, whether that’s service-based or for an eCommerce store.

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Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design.

Apps can be designed to follow the style of your site or be completely unique, and due to the very different aspect ratio UX will be prioritised in design to ensure ease of use for your customers.

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Brand and Marketing Assets

Graphic Design.

If you need any specialised logos, icons, or infographics we can create them to your specifications to build up your brand assets.

These can be used across several promotional materials such as your site, social media channel pages & posts, any online marketing and printed materials.

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Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design.

Landing pages for products/services you offer or highly targeted landing pages for online advertisements and social media campaigns can be made. These can include several well-positioned CTA’s, ‘blocks’ of content designed to be engaging.

We can also create forms to go on Landing pages if you want to gather email addresses or any other information.

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Request A Callback.

Let us call you back when it is convenient so we can discuss what you are looking to achieve and how we can help you do so.

Don't worry if you are not sure of all the details, a friendly callback is here to help you at whatever stage of your project you are in.

We Use Design To Deliver Goals.

When you have a project that you feel is impossible or your current development team thinks is unachievable, this is where we come in. We love the projects that others thinks is difficult.

  • We are experts in true Software Development, not just coders.
  • Our outside the box thinking sets us miles apart.
  • We deliver projects that you will be proud of.


Demand Results From Your Digital Design.

The power to influence is where great design can make a difference.

Guided Path.

Guiding your audience to where they need to be at the right time leading to better conversions.


Reduce friction for desirable actions such as information gathering or contacting you by creating the best experience.

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Effectively Communicate Your Message And Value.

Design must provide clarity to your audience to be considered effective.


Communicate your message in a more visual way that your audience will understand.


Make content easier to consume and more searchable to help your audience find what they need.

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Claim A Free Review Of Your Website.

We provide a comprehensive review of all 3 critical factors of your online presence completely free and with no obligation.

  • Find limiting factors of your website.
  • Identify gaps in your marketing plan.
  • Explore a suitable content strategy.

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Royal Wares are commensurate professionals and expert in all things development and IT.

When you brief the team, they will understand your requirements and build something better, faster and more stylish than you could have hoped for.

Evolution Engineers has worked with Royal Wares for many years and highly recommend them.

James Lee Director of Evolution Engineers