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Our Expert Areas of Service.

Royal Wares are experts in email marketing across the full life cycle. We'll help build your audience, create email templates for your brand and manage the various campaigns you may need.

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Build Your Audience.

Your audience defines the maximum effectiveness of all campaign efforts. We build up your audience by identifying opportunities in existing interactions and creating new ones.

Volume alone is not enough, we qualify your subscribers to make sure future campaigns are going to a receptive audience.

Get this step right to make all future campaigns more effective.

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Bespoke Email Templates.

We are development experts and will build bespoke templates for your brand that will work across a wide range of email inboxes.

Your email communications are expected to work on desktop and mobile, whether it comes from a campaign or directly from your website.

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Create One-Off Email Campaigns.

The heart of email marketing is arguably in sending effective email campaigns to your audience to drive new enquiries to your business.

Taking the time to understand your audience means we create more compelling emails on your behalf.

Send email campaigns regularly, it is important to learn from each campaign and make the next one better.

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Orchestrate Drip Campaigns.

Drip campaigns stream a series of emails to a subscriber, often based on some sort of action or interest they have registered. This can stem from an online or offline interaction.

We manage all aspects of drip campaigns: from identifying opportunities, to putting together the series and implementing all the starting triggers.

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Build Customer Journeys.

Customer journey campaigns work similarly to drip campaigns with the exception that emails may ask your audience a question with their choices leading them down different paths.

These can be implemented at any scale, from a simple choice between 2 services or products to a full 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style interaction.

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Request A Callback.

Let us call you back when it is convenient so we can discuss what you are looking to achieve and how we can help you do so.

Don't worry if you are not sure of all the details, a friendly callback is here to help you at whatever stage of your project you are in.

Email Marketing Done Right.

Experience the power of email marketing from start to finish with a focus on expert implementation and data-driven refinement.

  • Beautiful email templates for your brand
  • High open rates through better understanding
  • Landing page optimisation to increase new business

Better ROI

Own The Whole Experience.

We deliver better value across the entire scope of email marketing.

Team Effort.

Each interaction in the email marketing process is part of a combined effort to lead to new business.


When we take all aspects of email marketing efforts we can create a whole-brand experience that achieves similar results throughout.

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Data Driven

Expertly Analysed And Constantly Refined.

We love the data associated with tracking email performance and it is the guiding factor for better campaigns.

Learn Something New.

We look for answers in the data to questions that no one thought to ask. Data tells us more about our audience than anyone can come up with and tell us how to do things next time.

Adapt Quickly.

When data reveals an opportunity we react quickly to take advantage of what has been learned and gain the benefit immediately.

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Claim A Free Review Of Your Website.

We provide a comprehensive review of all 3 critical factors of your online presence completely free and with no obligation.

  • Find limiting factors of your website.
  • Identify gaps in your marketing plan.
  • Explore a suitable content strategy.

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Royal Wares are commensurate professionals and expert in all things development and IT.

When you brief the team, they will understand your requirements and build something better, faster and more stylish than you could have hoped for.

Evolution Engineers has worked with Royal Wares for many years and highly recommend them.

James Lee Director of Evolution Engineers