Cloud Servers & Managed Hosting

We make hosting on the cloud simple, we take your Website, API or Database onto our servers: managing setup, stability and maintenance.

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  • Management
  • Performance
  • Websites
  • APIs
  • Backups

Hosting Services.

Royal Wares can provide hosting to any of our clients that have either had an application built with us or will be using our maintenance service to support their application in the long term.

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Managed Hosting Solution.

We take the pain out of servers by explicitly understanding your application and creating the hosting solution to match your needs.

In the long term we continuously review the growth or reduction of your application performance to give you the most appropriate solution.

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Virtual & Dedicated Servers.

We never use shared hosting, only virtual or dedicated performance. The available resource of your server is always available to your application.

With your own space there are no restriction on which software we install on the server specifically for your application.

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Backup Strategies.

We include weekly backups as a minimum for all of our hosting services and will review your use case to suggest the most appropriate strategy.

Where relevant we will install and implement additional technology-specific backup software for your application.

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SSL Certificates.

We will always provide SSL certificates at no cost to you, We believe SSL is a minimum requirement for a safe and trustworthy application.

We will also manage the renewal process for expiring SSL certificates so you never have to worry about it.

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Onboarding Migrations

For clients with existing hosting elsewhere we will mange the migration process to get your application onto our servers.

We will bring downtime to a minimum during the transition period and ensure that your solution works.

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Request A Callback.

Let us call you back when it is convenient so we can discuss what you are looking to achieve and how we can help you do so.

Don't worry if you are not sure of all the details, a friendly callback is here to help you at whatever stage of your project you are in.

Hassle-Free Hosting Services.

We take the complexity out of hosting and are invested in your application, we can create much better parity between hosting and application.

  • Performance at any level to match your needs.
  • Severs are available around the world.
  • Managed on your behalf.


Lightning Fast Application Performance.

Unlock the full potential of your apps by providing great performance.

Faster Performance.

Processes and response times can be streamlined to remove bottlenecks from your existing server.

Higher Scalability.

With better performance you are able to handle greater throughput with confidence.

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Treat Hosting and Applications As One Entity.

Increase performance by treating your hosting and application as one solution.

Higher Co-operation.

Bring forward the best experience by effectively dividing jobs between your app and server.

Less Complexity.

Get rid of finger pointing by rolling up your solution into one committed provider.

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We provide a comprehensive review of all 3 critical factors of your online presence completely free and with no obligation.

  • Find limiting factors of your website.
  • Identify gaps in your marketing plan.
  • Explore a suitable content strategy.

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Royal Wares are commensurate professionals and expert in all things development and IT.

When you brief the team, they will understand your requirements and build something better, faster and more stylish than you could have hoped for.

Evolution Engineers has worked with Royal Wares for many years and highly recommend them.

James Lee Director of Evolution Engineers