Ongoing Maintenance & Support

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  • eCommerce
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Mobile Apps

Maintenance & Support As A Service.

Royal Wares are experts in development, we provide peace of mind that your project will be taken care off, suitably backed up and moving forward.

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Critical and Minor Updates.

We will take your app through the required migrations to bring it forward to the most up to date version and then work to keep it at the cutting edge.

This includes WordPress websites, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps and almost any other programmed solution you may have that has been left behind.

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Feature Development

Migrating Dead 3rd Party Services.

Websites and Apps that depend on 3rd party services or APIs can break if the 3rd party service decides not to support the API anymore or goes out of business.

We will work to reduce the dependecy on external services unless it is absolutely essential in which case we will source an alternative.

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API Integration

Patching Deprecated Solutions.

When moving forward it is often the case that something breaks because the technique is no longer supported in a later version, we pre-empt the most likely breakages and patch them out before doing any updates.

This allows you to keep all of your applications up to date

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Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes.

New bugs in old software is common, this usually happens when a feature was not tested for all potential edge cases and is now experiencing something new.

Bug fixes are handled through a majority of investigation work and often followed with a very small correction.

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Migrations and Recovery

Occasionally applications need to be moved or in situations of hacking potentially recovered.

We can perform your website move with minimal disruption and ensure all files and assets move across properly.

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Request A Callback.

Let us call you back when it is convenient so we can discuss what you are looking to achieve and how we can help you do so.

Don't worry if you are not sure of all the details, a friendly callback is here to help you at whatever stage of your project you are in.

We Love Difficult Problems.

When you have a project that you feel is impossible or your current development team thinks is unachievable, this is where we come in. We love the projects that others thinks is difficult.

  • We are experts in true Software Development, not just coders.
  • Our outside the box thinking sets us miles apart.
  • We deliver projects that you will be proud of.


Ensure Your Stability And Uptime.

Create better business continuity with the ability to recover from the unexpected.

Prevent Issues.

Minimise your chances of issues cropping up by keeping up to date and stable.

Recover Faster.

When things do go wrong you have the expertise by your side to get back up and running.

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Gain Access To The Latest Features.

When you stay up to date you get the competitive edge to utilise new technology.

First To Market.

Utilise new features faster to be the first to market while competitors scramble to catch up.

Creative Opportunity.

While you are ahead of the competition you have more time to create more impressive solutions.

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Claim A Free Review Of Your Website.

We provide a comprehensive review of all 3 critical factors of your online presence completely free and with no obligation.

  • Find limiting factors of your website.
  • Identify gaps in your marketing plan.
  • Explore a suitable content strategy.

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Royal Wares are commensurate professionals and expert in all things development and IT.

When you brief the team, they will understand your requirements and build something better, faster and more stylish than you could have hoped for.

Evolution Engineers has worked with Royal Wares for many years and highly recommend them.

James Lee Director of Evolution Engineers