Rapscallions Southsea

Design and development of a local pirate themed bar brand.

Website Preview

Rapscallions Southsea required a website that could match the look and feel of their incredible pirate themed bar & restaurant. This was a full website design and development project.

We worked closely with Dan and his team to get a feel for what they were doing and expand the branding from their graphic designer into a website.

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Rapscallions After Hours


The Rapscallions branding was very strong to begin with, we had to make sure we did it justice by taking the idea that was already there and applying it to a digital and interactive piece.


We knew the bookings would be critical on the launch night, having seen the take up on social media we were expecting a good traffic spike whenever the site was launched.


The Rapscallions team had a core focus on their menu, staffing and experience. We made sure our communication was clear and able to give confidence all parts we worked on.

Alex helped me set up my first website for my new bar Rapscallions. Done a great job and found away to explain the ins and outs in basic Language a novice could understand. I am starting to get work with him with the promotion side of the business. Excited to see what his team can deliver.

Daniel Swan Owner of Rapscallions Southsea

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Booked Solid at Launch.

Rapscallions achieved high traffic at launch and booked out within an hour.

Booking Integration.

We used the Collins booking system, a well known tool in the bar and restaurant industry and a preference of many owners.

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Optimised for Marketing.

With a future of marketing ahead we built to maximise this effort.


We kept the website lightweight and fast to help with SEO efforts and customer experience.

Content Management System.

We built with WordPress to give our client control over creating and managing new pages.

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