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We redefined the development process inline with best practices leading to a superior application within the construction market.

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Genius Money identified the need to increase the effectiveness of their internal development process to achieve a market leading position.

The technical requirements were to decrease the likelihood of bugs, increase the quality of shipped features, refactor existing solutions to perform better and create a scalable platform for all future work.

The strategic requirements were to increase transparency of the development process and elevate the development team to being the key component of roadmap ahead for the company.

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By implementing an Agile methodology and upskilling all staff working within or on the development team we were able to create process that everyone has visibility on.

We have made this the culture at Genius Money meaning that collaborative work is the way everyone works.


We drastically increased the quality of work through a combination of a structured workflow which alleviated bottlenecks and re enforcing a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Return on Investment.

The results speak volumes, through our ongoing partnership Genius Money have been able to onboard larger clients dwarfing our agency fee by comparison. All of our work has had both short term and long term benefits.

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A New Future.

The feeling of trust in your structure and team to move you forward.

Open Road.

With our guidance the sky's the limit for Genius Money, our partnership is ongoing because we constantly add value for all hurdles that come our way.

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Solid Foundations.

We have created a solution that Genius Money can depend on.

Years of Experience.

Our outstanding solutions comes from having extremely experienced technical leads within our agency able to take on any situation.

Reliable Software.

By putting a large focus on best practices and continuous improvement we have been able to increase the performance and reliability of the software that Genius Money create and maintain.

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