Evolution Engineers

Creating a professional platform for digital marketing consultancy.

Website Preview

Evolution Engineers had an existing website that was built with a WordPress template, however with the success of the business James wanted to have a bespoke website that matched the brand he had built up.

Based on the brand guidelines our task was to expand these out into a functional website using good UI/UX concepts and creating new visual templates that the Evolution Engineers website could benefit from.

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Technical SEO.

With Evolution Engineers being a marketing consultancy service we worked with James to ensure we best represented his expertise in our build by being on top of technical SEO.


We worked to create our own bespoke theme for the existing WordPress site. This facelift allowed us to move to a new design without any migration complexities.

Reusable Templates.

To make the Evolution Engineers website self-sufficient we create various template 'blocks' that could be added and customised to each page for more bespoke control.

I highly recommend Royal Wares. Genuine experts and easy to work with. They built our website, which you can find at Evolution-Engineers.com

James Lee Director of Evolution Engineers

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Rebranded to Expectations.

We worked closely with James to achieve the required look and feel.


The website design fits exactly with the brand guidelines provided and our client was very happy with the results.


By building in customisable templates Evolution Engineers were able to keep creating new bespoke pages that fit their brand.

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Brought Onto Our Servers.

Our servers have high performance and great features

Removing limitations.

The old host introduced some limitations on what the website functionality could do; we moved to our servers for full control.

Free SSL.

The old host also made taking advantage of free SSLs providers cumbersome, we automated the process on our servers.

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