SEO Techniques That Can Boost Your Online Presence

SEO has evolved into a valuable practice for anyone looking to improve their overall digital marketing efforts. It is critical to understand the requirements for SEO to benefit.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is the main technique used for bringing organic traffic into a website. SEO is generally the starting point for any marketing campaign as it brings structure and order to your overall website and marketing efforts, and this is why many businesses prioritize SEO.

It's also critical to understand how you can boost your SEO results and benefit from that all-around effectiveness.

Choose The Right Long-Tail Keywords


SEO is based on keywords and these keywords influence whether your content will appear in search engines like Google or Bing. Ideally you should be targeting the keywords that are both relevant to what you offer and is what your customers are likely to be searching for.

What is Long-Tail?

You should place the majority of your efforts on pursuing long-tail keywords which are essentially searches made up of three or more words. "Buy Beautiful Cakes in Raleigh North Carolina" is an example of a long-tail keyword.

Why Target These?

These searches are for more relevant compared to short phrases like "Beautiful Cakes" and the reason for that is search intent; with long tail keywords you can better distinguish what the user wants and ensure you are only targeting relevant traffic that is likely to turn into a sale.

Someone only searching "Beautiful Cakes" may just want to look or gather ideas, whereas someone specifying what they want to do and where is for more likely to become a customer. For that reason low traffic from a long-tail search can produce much better results that high traffic from a short phrase.

Weave Keywords Onto Your Site


Once you have decided on your target keywords it is time to incorporate them into your website. As Google crawls your website, it is building and understanding of each page and how it relates to keywords which it will later utilise on search results.

Your website can rank higher for long-tail keywords and even related searches if you incorporate them into your site. This can take a little more skill as there is far more variety this way but it also benefits your content strategy by giving you more to write about.

It is important to not try to overdo it and stuff keywords everywhere you can, this can form very unnatural sentences that are uncomfortable for humans to read.

The golden rule to remember is that your SEO efforts are actually to make your website more accessible and valuable to people, not robots. If you do the former then you will achieve the latter.

Gather Backlinks


Backlinks are required to build up trust and authority on your pages and website. Backlinks are the links obtained by your company from other reputable websites. When you post genuinely useful information on your site, trustworthy sites are more likely to include it on their articles and this directs their visitors to your website.

Content production is potentially the most effective way to gain backlinks. Backlinks are almost like votes from other websites to say "Yes this is good content", the more votes you have the more search engines are likely to want to display your content.

Publishing content alone will not bring in new backlinks however, you need to reach out to other websites that would find your content useful to include on their site, this is also why it helps to create non-promotional content. No website wants to link to an advert.

Watch Your Competition


When attempting to rank for a keyword, you should consider your competition. Your ability to rank is based entirely on what you are competing against.

If the quality of the competition is low, such as a slow performing website, with limited or thin content you will have a much easier time than a modern website with a huge content archive of well written and comprehensive content.

Develop 10x Content


One of the best things you can do to boost your SEO rating is to create content. Writing content however is not simply opening up Word and typing a wall of text, sure the right words and sentences are on there but this is not content that is likely to be highly valued by people or robots.

Content creation must be about more than just the words, it is the experience you will deliver such as:

  • Well structured headings and subheadings
  • Appropriately sized paragraphs
  • Links to appropriate sources
  • Readable text and responsive design
  • Use of images
  • Bold, italics and underlines
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Video content
  • Embedded media such as tweets
  • Quotes or testimonials
  • Custom interactive features
  • Linked articles as part of a series

Content is one of the most effective ways to attract credible visitors to the website but it must be done right. If you want to boost your SEO performance, you must invest in producing high-quality content for your target audience.

Keep Your Content Fresh


To be competitive in content marketing, you must post frequently. You will end up generating a large number of articles, videos, images, PDFs and other supporting assets. It is important that you keep your content fresh and up to date in order to stay relevant and appear professional.

When you updated your content, you can give it a new kick of life. This is an excellent way to increase organic visits to your website and generate new leads. Your SEO positions will also rise as a result of the increased traffic.

SEO is an effective way for your company to bring more traffic and links to your website. There are a variety of strategies you can utilise to boost your SEO rankings and campaigns as a whole. With a good SEO strategy you can generate much more reliable leads for your business.


Alexander De Sousa


Founder of Royal Wares, a full service digital agency. With a strong background in software development.