Marketing your law firm 101 - Top ten tips for 2021

Marketing your law firm can be a tricky thing to do, however it can reap huge rewards, bringing in hundreds if not thousands of new clients every year. Here are the 10 most effective tactics you can use to grow your law firm, plus one extra useful tip at the end.

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1. Post organic content on social media platforms

There are several ways you can market your law firm with social media, such as through educational and informative posts relevant to current events. 

You can also produce videos or podcasts about relevant topics for your area of specialisation. Sites like YouTube have entire channels dedicated to legal advice and discussion, so you could use them as a platform to get yourself out there too. 

2. Run social media ads

Many firms advertise their services on social media but few do it effectively – if done correctly this can be a great source of visibility for your business. 

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There’s also Facebook advertising (which has some great targeting options!) and Google Ads too. The more creative these campaigns are, the better responses you’ll get from potential clients who may not know you exist yet.

3. Write content for your website

This is the easiest way to market your firm as it reinforces your place as informative and trustworthy- both important factors clients consider when choosing a law firm. 

It’s a great way to get potential clients thinking about things they may not have considered before – which can help them decide whether they need a lawyer or not, this will reduce the amount of time you may waste on people who after long discussions decide they don't need your services at all.

Example Law Article For House Buying Law Advice

Keep your content interesting but relevant, and don’t overdo the jargon! Remember that a person visiting your site probably wants answers to real-life issues, not legal mumbo jumbo. 

Make sure their needs are always at heart when writing – this will make people trust you right away. Just make sure that all the information is up to date at all times too as mistakes can sink even big firms very quickly. 

You should also use other platforms such as Reddit and Quora too, since both give users the chance to share their experiences directly with one another (which means there aren’t any middle men!) This has become so popular recently because so many people want honest answers about products and services they’re thinking of buying.

4. Personalised newsletters and emails for your database

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Building a database of potential clients is a great way to stay in contact with them without being too pushy about it, which means you can get referrals from these people in the future when they think of recommending you to their friends or colleagues.

You can send out newsletters or personalised emails on topics that are relevant to your business, covering new laws and changes in technology etc. Remember that it’s all about adding value – don’t just try and sell stuff! It also doesn’t cost a fortune to obtain a list of email addresses for this purpose either – there are plenty of professional online tools that will allow you to do this very easily. 

Quality is far more important than quantity, however, so you should make sure that all the information is accurate before using it, otherwise you could end up getting complaints if someone finds an error. 

If done well though, this type of thing can be incredibly useful when trying to market your law firm successfully online. Just remember not to spam people unnecessarily. Spamming won’t help at all so avoid doing so at all costs. 

Focus on building relationships rather than making sales right away by sending content only when it makes sense (once per month is ideal), but don’t wait until then before building up your database. You should start collecting these details as soon as possible after starting your practice, particularly if you want more referrals in the future.

5. Include a “Meet the Lawyer” page on your website. 

This is an easy way to showcase yourself and your firm. You can include information about yourself, any interesting facts, a picture of you and a description of why clients should work with you for their legal needs.

6. Host public events 

Business Lunch

Seminars, free legal clinics or luncheons are great events you can host where people can get more information about what you do and how they could benefit from having access to it in their lives and businesses.

This is great because it allows people who may not have thought about hiring counsel before, see that there is value in having an attorney work on their behalf when they feel overwhelmed by other aspects of their lives or businesses! 

While hosting these events, make sure that potential clients know how much time and energy goes into practicing law so that they understand why paying retainers (or anything else) would be beneficial for them in the long run.

7. Meet with your clients

Business Meeting

Marketing is all about building relationships, and one of the best ways to build a relationship with your clients is by meeting with them. You can do this in person or via video calling software. 

This will allow you to get feedback on their experience working with you, answer any questions they may have about your firm, address any potential problems that they’re experiencing (such as an issue with their case), and give them some legal advice if necessary. It will also help you understand what kind of experience they want from their lawyer so you can provide it for them. 

Also, remember to follow up after each meeting so you can confirm whether there was anything they wanted to talk about but didn’t have the chance during the meeting, which could mean additional work for you down the road, plus they will appreciate this extra level of care and you may be more likely to get referrals.

8: Guest attend on specialist legal podcasts


Share your expertise with other attorneys through interviews on legal podcasts or videos posted on YouTube channels focusing on legal issues. 

Podcasts are very effective because they allow attorney guests to promote their firm via interview format which gives listeners/viewers both entertainment & sound advice from experienced attorneys.

9: Add yourself on solicitor search websites

By adding your details onto sites such as Find a Solicitor, your chances of being found will increase. Just add your location and the services you provide. 

To be even more visible, you should also add yourself on ‘Google my business’, as that means you are more likely to show up when someone searches for a lawyer near them.

10. Offer your services at a reduced cost to non-profit organisations and charities.

Charity Fundraising Run

This is a great way to get your name out there and for potential clients to see what you can do, without having to spend much money on marketing yourself directly. 

There are many people who fundraise for their causes that by offering your services at a discount you’ll be able to reach all kinds of new people who may go on to become permanent customers. If it's a viral fundraiser, existing donors who are following the story may want to hire your services if they see you did well! This also ties in nicely with certain charity events such as road races or other sporting events where organisers might need legal advice too – so think about this when planning an event of your own.

Don’t forget that this isn’t just a great way to market your law firm, it’s also a great chance for you personally as well since you can meet all sorts of new friends and contacts while doing something that matters deeply to them… it’s win/win right? All that matters is that they mention YOUR NAME when they make their donation, which brings us onto the final tip….

11: Write a legal self-help guide or book 

Example Of A Book

If you write a book in layman's terms on a topic you’re particularly knowledgeable about, your personal brand as an authority in your field will increase. This is especially effective if the book discusses your experience as an attorney and how you overcame certain obstacles related to practicing law.

People love reading books because it makes them feel like they are getting information straight from the source rather than hearing it from someone else via podcast or video recording etc.. Also, this will help increase your visibility since potential clients will be able to learn more about what your practice area entails by reading a self-help guide or book authored by you specifically on said subject matter, plus you could get some extra income from it if you choose to put it up for sale!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you'd like to know more about how effective marketing can be for your law firm contact us for a free website and marketing review, no strings attatched.


Liberty Revah-Opacki


Marketing executive at Royal Wares.